An experimental game where you must be guided by sounds ( headphone highly recommended!). You can skip instructions and try to find out what to do by yourself, but it's very hard this way (so I don't recommend).

Commands: arrow keys and spacebar OR mouse/touch (click/touch top, bottom, left, right and middle.

If it doesn't work here (black screen without instructions), please try at this link.

Firefox seems not to work here because of the iFrame, but works at the other link. Chromium seems to work at both. Use an updated browser.

This is a free software. Source code repository here:


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dang. that was really cool. i managed to play through both sections without instructions. this gave me a really intense myst-like vibe, despite such a simple and brief premise.

that second part is definitely very.. effective, though. i was baring my teeth the whole time while moving through the passages as quick as i could press the keys. very good job

we definitely need more things like this. especially sound-based. what would have made this perfect is if a successful step made a different noise than a failed step, because then you'd be able to play this game just by hearing alone

good work! thank you for this

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. =)

And congratulations for reaching the end of the game!

Nice tip about the different noises for the steps! I'll try to add that when I have time.

Hey man really cool game maybe I can get your skype?